Security & Audit

Contract ownership Renounced
- Renouncing ownership is therefore the safest way to protect user assets and secure the contract. Click here to view renounced transaction at BscScan
Liquidity Locked
The concept of liquidity locking was developed to ensure that pool tokens cannot be moved or redeemed until a pre-specified amount of time has elapsed. This helps give users assurance in the market they are investing in since they know the pool tokens cannot be moved during the specified time period. To ensure that the liquidity locking process is correctly implemented, standards have been put in place to verify that it was correctly done, alongside easy-to-use tools that anyone can use. Click here to view PepeAI Lock Page at Unicrypt
Contract Audit
A thorough examination of the code of a smart contract is conducted in an audit, to uncover security flaws, inaccurate or inefficient programming, and methods to increase its solidity. By carrying out an audit, developers are enabled to guarantee the safety and dependability of their blockchain applications.