🐸PEPE Sniper

AI technology creates a trading algorithm that is designed to actively monitor the stock market and execute trades accordingly in order to make a profit. It also provides users with a convenient platform that gives live updates on their investments so they can track their progress.

Evidence of Artificial Intelligence's effectiveness in trading is demonstrated by its rapid rise in usage. With AI, firms can tap into massive data stores to quickly recognize stock market trends and patterns, and make accurate decisions. It is extremely efficient in processing and weighing large pieces of information, and can identify intricate trading trends, allowing companies to make timely and profitable investments.

This bot leverages the RPC node to detect pending transactions from a contract. Should the contract owner attempt to add liquidity, the bot will automatically purchase it prior to any other transactions while the liquidy is pending. Extensively tested on virtual machines, local machines and servers, the bot runs smoothly.

Pepe Sniper is still in the process of being developed and is not yet available for public use. Upon its release, users will be able to use the bot on BSC, ETH, ARB, and the Cronos Chain, but they must hold a web3 proof of stake of at least 10 billion $PEPEAI. (subjected to changes).

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