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PEPE Scanner makes it easier to detect rug pulls and honeypots, two of the most common token scams in the decentralized finance space. Simply enter the token contract address into PEPE Scanner's search bar and it will provide you with detailed information about potential risks, a brief audit of the contract, and other essential data. Thanks to the innovative technology developed by PEPE Scanner, users can better protect themselves from DeFi fraudsters.

Use cutting-edge smart contract screening technology to constantly analyze millions of token contracts, accurately detecting potential security issues.

Our main goal is to uncover and expose as many scams as possible. This evaluation of the agreement is provided as an informative reference rather than a conclusive decision on the reliability of the agreement.

Machine Learning

After the model is trained, we evaluate the detector's performance by measuring false positives and false negatives. Lastly, we continually refine the detector to improve accuracy and performance.

Try PEPE Scanner - https://pepe.style/scanner

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